About Kneese Companies

Our next landmark anniversary will be our 70th! Most companies like to brag about how they’ve changed over the years; we don’t. One of our greatest sources of pride is the fact that we’re very much the same store we were in 1950’s when the Kneese family opened the very first store in Fredericksburg, TX. Since then, our focus has been selling only products and services that are reliable and trouble free. Our products and services may have changed with the times, but our approach to personal service hasn’t. Sure, we’ve grown over the last 60 years but our presence in the Hill Country is still tried and true.

Our main focus is, was, and always will be: service. As a one-stop-shop for your construction needs, Kneese Companies has you covered. Whither your building a new home or business, or your plumbing needs repair Kneese Companies can assist you.

Today Bruce Kneese runs the company. He started in the business along-side his father in 1983 and continues to serve the Hill Country to this day.


Bruce Kneese | Owner, Founder Kneese Companies

” I have some of the deepest roots in the building business. My dad was the first independent home builder in Fredericksburg. Along with custom homes he built many commercial buildings as well.

In 1983 I joined my father to continue to serve the Hill Country with the very best quality for the money. By utilizing more of my own crews instead of relying on sub-contractors I can keep cost at a minimum and the quality at a maximum. I have built many custom homes, remodels and additions. I also have a lot of experience in commercial building, some of my projects include restaurants, feed stores, school additions and museums among many others.

So, no matter what you are building, come see me to get the most out of your hard earned dollar. I may not have a wall full of awards but I have put a lifetime of smiles on my customers faces. I hope yours is the next.”